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Recruit Requirements Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Select Requirements - Assignment Example The candidate further needs to have a substantial driver’s permit and effectively finish Physical Abilities Assessment (PAT), Polygraph assessment, advertisement mental assessment (Florida parkway watch: 65th commemoration 1939-2004, 2005). They should be a resident of United States matured 21 years or more established. They ought to have a High School Diploma or GED. They should likewise not have obvious tattoos on their bodies when wearing standard uniform of the day. They ought not have utilized any illicit medications at all for a time of at least 3 years of making application or after they have achieved 30 years old. The candidate ought to likewise exhibit great good character and have no lawful offense feelings, captures or other law implementation commitment involving prevarication, bogus explanations, or criminal traffic offenses. Other capability incorporate a half year liberated from tobacco use and should have effectively finished examination tests and polygraph assessment (Gee, 2014). A differentiations of the prerequisites for Florida State Police and join Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office uncover a ton of comparability. Be that as it may, an official at sheriff’s office must be at any rate 21 years of age when contrasted with 19 years age required for the state police. Likewise, while both of state police and sheriff’s office demands physical capabilities, the previous gives a great deal of consideration on this capability. This is confirm by the predetermined number of female representatives in these office who see the preparation as unnecessarily thorough. In any case, because of the sustain of their commitment and their broad jurisdictional inclusion, it is fundamental for the state police to be a step higher than their state partners with regards to physical wellness. It is under the circumspection of the doctor leading PAT to confirm that the candidate meets the physical prerequisites important to play out the essential capacities th at applies to the

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North and South free essay sample

This is a major novel. When contrasted and the parody of society that Jane Austen offers, Gaskell offers quite a lot more in investigating the enormous issues: cultural structure, economy, religion, and a woman’s place in the public arena. There is even political dissidence as Frederick! Furthermore, obviously, the good is in the consummation †Margaret weds Thornton, whom she once considered underneath her in class. Also, she shouts â€Å"I am not commendable. † when they at last discuss their affection. Contrast this with the inflexible thoughts offered by Emma about wedding outside of class. Social Structure: Social structure is addressed every step of the way. Edith and her family are on the whole essentially decent enough, however they are pretty much a pointless waste. So the common authority of the upper class is addressed. Raised status related with the pastorate is addressed (Gaskell was in a sheltered spot to do this, as she was a clergyman’s spouse. ) as Mr Hale goes wrong, so is Margaret’s pomposity and pride in her father’s job in the network. In like manner, raised status dependent on training is addressed, Hale says of the makers: â€Å"some of them do truly appear to be fine colleagues, aware of their own lacks, which is more than numerous a man at Oxford is. The rising manufacturer’s class is appeared to have both foul fluctuating individuals and good individuals (e. g. Thornton and his mom) yet even the disgusting individuals are at any rate helpful †they can talk about legislative issues and economy around the supper table at Thornton’s party. At long last, Higgins and Boucher adjust the all encompassing perspective on society, demonstrating the idiotic, uninformed, however totally pitiable Boucher of the lower classes, stood out from Higgins, who is a shrewd man, a thinker, a Unionist, an agnostic, and as fair and great a man as Thornton may be. Higgins may very well be Gaskell’s most loved character. The general tone of the novel is that social structure is counterfeit, there being acceptable and commendable individuals on each level, and is extremely communist in notion that when we as a whole work together, finding out about one another, and losing biases, it is better for every person and for the entirety. Legislative issues: The shortcomings of the two sides of the political battle in Milton are uncovered in Gaskell’s tale. Thornton’s Capitalist idea that any man can raise himself through work is demonstrated to be bogus, and the pitiful neediness of those at the base of the Capitalist framework is appeared. Afflictions from the absence of work enactments, for example, Bessy’s ailment and inevitable demise are likewise ascribed to the incomparable Capitalist machine. The message here is that Capitalism alone isn't the appropriate response †despite the fact that it drives progress, there are numerous social setbacks. The unionist we center around most is Higgins, who is a noteworthy man, who gives out of his own small tote to help other people in the development. He is battling for himself, however for the others, as Boucher, who aren’t ready to battle for themselves. He just needs what’s reasonable †he is a dreamer and good. So the notions of the Union development are commended in Gaskell’s epic. In any case, the real factors †that individuals like Boucher, who don’t share Higgins’ knowledge or optimism †turn savage in hordes, is a horrendous symptom. The way that numerous Unionists constrain others to join the association in the working environment is another unsavory reaction. Furthermore, the unobtrusively slipped being referred to †â€Å"Where do the associations get their cash from? † is certain of defilement and no more, or obligatory charges from their constrained in individuals at any rate. So the message is that, while the Unions are acceptable in principle, their application is inadequate in true circumstances. In any case, Gaskell’s thought that if men and bosses regard and see one another, the framework succeeds for everything is similarly optimistic and needs genuine application, for it depends on the way that all individuals are both decent and knowledgeable. This hole actually is halfway represented in the way that Thornton loses all his cash since he won't hazard not having the option to pay his workers their due if the business suggestion turns sour. Being good in business doesn't generally pay †Gaskell perceives this. The issue of government guidelines and â€Å"interference† in strategic approaches is additionally addressed. The thought is met with distain by all producers, either in light of the fact that they control their own organizations adequately without being told †like Thornton, or on the grounds that they don’t need to manage their organizations sufficiently †ie: every other person. While this impedance, and the naming of â€Å"unparliamentary smoke† is mocked by Milton characters, to an advanced responder it is completely sensible †and it appeared to be sensible to Gaskell as well. Be that as it may, military/government foul play is considered in the tale of Frederick, and indeed the forced pecking order of frameworks †this time the maritime framework is addressed, as Frederick is more decent than his commander. Frameworks of government are additionally addressed when Mr Thornton says: â€Å"On some future day †in some thousand years †in Utopia, this solidarity might be brought into training †similarly as I can extravagant a republic the absolute best type of government. † Religion: Gaskell’s own ethical quality which is the inescapable administration of the novel is Christian. It advocates penance and lowliness, consideration and excellence. She makes saints out of more than one character eg: Bessy, Margaret, Higgins, Margaret’s mother, and even Thornton towards the finish of the book. Be that as it may, it isn't the narrow minded Christian methodology which doesn't address. Mr Hale is a decent, kind man who is extremely good. Maybe in light of his own go wrong, he sees the positive qualities in individuals like Thornton and Higgins without Margaret’s beginning class partiality. He keeps on questioning the religion in which he educated until the very end, however he keeps on asking, and practice Christian profound quality. His real questions about religion are passed on in an indistinct way because of Mr Hale’s pain and Margaret’s preference. He appears not to question religion, however to question the foundation of the congregation as a vehicle for religion, (which is to the advanced responder, exceptionally savvy) yet in setting makes him a blasphemer †one who dismisses the congregation. Notwithstanding, he cherishes the congregation and his way of life and wishes he didn't feel that way. Margaret is a Christian character, however even she has a snapshot of uncertainty: â€Å"She watched out upon the dim dark lines of the congregation tower†¦and yet, no indication of God! her goals of this reality is essentially this: â€Å"If the world was brimming with bewildering issues she would trust, and just request to see the one stage needful for the hour. † so, she gets used to Christianity by not looking further into her inquiries. Bessy’s constrained comprehension of Christianity as some fantasy where she will be conceded wealth for having endured in life shows the necessities premise of religion †the individuals who endure need to accept there is an explanation, or if nothing else an award for their anguish: â€Å"I’m weary†¦and yearning to escape to the place that is known for Beulah. but then she questions: â€Å"I think if this life is the end, and there’s no God to wipe away the tears from everyone's eyes †yo’ vixen, yo! † Higgins take on religion is undeniably progressively reasonable and normal: â€Å"when I see the world turning out badly right now o’ day, pestering itself with things it knows nothing about, and leaving fixed all the things which lie in clutter close at its hand †why I state, leave so much discussion about religion alone†¦Ã¢â‚¬  Gaskell reprimands both the structure and use of religion in that the lower classes pass up its ministrations. Higgins remarks that the high societies rush to show them political economy, however not tied in with sparing their spirits. Different religions †Islamics and Roman Catholics are referenced. Margaret is sickened with her father’s blasphemer choice â€Å"as in the event that he wanted to turn Mahometan† however this is hued by Margaret’s own preference. Frederick is demonstrated to be a decent, simply man, and he changes over to Roman Catholicism for his lady. Women's liberation: The reactions of North and South lie in the distortion of the measure of ladies in manufacturing plant work. Verifiable figures show that the strikes on which the Milton strike was based were populated around 60% by ladies laborers. Pundits proceed to state that ladies in the workforce are minimized into debilitated animals like Bessy, and afterward proceed to state that Margaret’s place is demonstrated to be in the home. Be that as it may, the tone of the novel isn't helpful for these ends. Truly, the novel saints the working lady, yet that is more a result of Christian qualities than unequivocal enemy of women's activist ones, and a longing to make pitiable the part of the laborers †it being simpler to make a youthful, wiped out working young lady a pitiable character than state, an old, abrupt worker. In this maybe Gaskell is speaking to misogynist partiality yet she has an intended interest group to consider. The issue of her alluding to the laborers as â€Å"men† doesn't really launch ladies from the work environment †it is an umbrella term, and one that Thornton possibly receives when Margaret articles to his calling the laborers â€Å"hands†. Bessy’s insignificant presence, and Higgins’ comment that none of Boucher’s youngsters were industrial facility age, shows plainly that ladies and kids make up the positions of the assembly line laborers. Thoughts of unobtrusiveness as per Christian qualities are in play, particularly with the suggestions around Margaret’s locating with Frederick, yet Mrs Thorntonâ?

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Paulo Freire Essay

The part gives nitty gritty diagram of life and exercises of Paulo Freire. The section is of verifiable and social centrality, since it targets extending existing information around one of the key figures ever. It's a given that Paulo Freire is viewed as one of the most regarded and known people throughout the entire existence of radical training. The section begins from account of acclaimed teacher and continues to his exercises, occupations and profession in related circle. Right off the bat, it is important to concede that Paulo Freire was conceived in Brazil, Rectife, in 1921 and he spent numerous years working in poor districts of his country. In this way, he knew about neediness and challenges associated with it. As a matter of fact, he couldn’t stay unconcerned with people’s enduring and chose to create techniques how to show unskilled individuals. It is a typical information that numerous destitute individuals in those occasions didn’t realized how to peruse and to compose. Freire chose to give his life to improve education among poor populace. He showed kids, yet in addition grown-ups how to think fundamentally and, what was progressively significant, how â€Å"to take control over their lives†. Additionally, he made his own study hall to make the way toward showing progressively agreeable, simpler and all the more fascinating. Understudies and educators in that class were furnished with equivalent rights and force. They were treated with nobility and regard. Such technique for instructing was later viewed as a model for teaching far and wide. The net second to make reference to is that Paulo Freire showed individuals in Europe, the United States of America. He worked in any event, for the legislature in Chile. There, as it is referenced, he â€Å"trained the educators whose activity it is carry present day horticultural strategies to the peasants†. Obviously, Freire’s crucial good and ought to be regarded. He worked out training programs for UNESCO, World Council of Churches, the Chilean Institute of Agrarian Reform, and so forth. Further, his well known works are â€Å"Education for Critical Consciousness†, â€Å"The Politics of Education†, â€Å"The Pedagogy of the Oppressed†, and so on.

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Essay Topics Books - How to Get Ideas From These Books

Essay Topics Books - How to Get Ideas From These BooksThe difficulty of essay topics is not just something that can be solved by seeking the advice of a mentor or by a little bit of reading and research. These two are not necessary.Many people are in such a hurry to achieve a grade of 100 percent that they do not put much thought into essay topics. Even though it can be very difficult to find out what is written on a topic, the writing method can be very simple. If the essay topics book has a specific format for the topic, this is the easiest way to write an essay.There are many different kinds of people who may want to write an essay. Some students and some adults may want to write an essay for personal reasons. Some people like to write a lengthy essay to satisfy a writing requirement, while others have a deadline. And, some writers may want to write a quick essay.In each of these different ways, the essay topics books can help. A topic may be written to be easy to understand, so m any people will get the point across easily. An example of a quick topic is an explanation of which area is best for children to learn math. Another example would be an explanation of how to make a website more unique to their tastes.However, another kind of people may want to write an essay for fun, or just to see what the topic may be. For this reason, the essays books can also help.Many people may find that if they do not put much thought into their topic, they will get bored with it. Therefore, many people may want to go through as many essay topics books as possible. This can help you find the one with the topic that appeals to you the most.As you can see, essay topics books are an important part of writing an essay. These can help you find the right essay topic for your skill level, so that you will not just get one but dozens of different topics. With the help of a topic book, you can write an essay that makes the grade.

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Affirmative Action Equal Employment Opportunity

Williams 1 Kyle D. Williams Ms. Denk Honors English 9 12 May 2017 Research Paper In 1961, president John F Kennedy issued an executive order which created the Committee on Equal Employment Opportunity and funded new actions to bring about â€Å"affirmative action† in eliminating racial bias in employment. In 1969 President Richard Nixon created the Philidelphia Order, a plan to make sure fair hiring was enforced. Initially, these acts were meant to correct past mistakes, and the opportunities were similar to the census data. By the late 1970’s some of these acts were being removed. From then on, many other acts and lawsuits have been pursued and removed, even as recent as last year. These acts are not only likely to damage race relations, but†¦show more content†¦These academic gaps bring even more problems to students accepted through affirmative action. For example, Haidt references a study by Peter Arcidiacono stating, â€Å"University students tend to befriend those similar to themselves in academic achievement.† A nd if there are disparities in academic achievement, students will self segregate without realizing it, unintentionally increasing the feelings of exclusion for minorities and ultimately damaging race relations even more. While there may be academic reasons for making these programs, if the goal is to create an inclusive culture on campus, research shows that these efforts will fail; not only will these programs damage race relations, they will create even more racism, backfiring against the goal of these demands. The evaluations on diversity training programs have not been pleasant. Haidt references a 2007 review of diversity training in corporations that expressed, â€Å"on average, programs designed to reduce bias among managers responsible for hiring and promotion have Williams 3 not worked.† This research also noted, â€Å"these programs often induce ironic negative effects (such as reactance or backlash) by implying that participants areShow MoreRelatedAffirmative Action And Equal Employment Opportunity Guarantees Similarity1266 Words   |  6 PagesAffirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity guarantees similarity in provision on benefits as well as services to the workforce. The two laws go hand in hand in the workforce world. These laws are set in place to make it illegal for discrimination on any qualified employee in specific type of jobs by managers in certain workplaces. Discrimination can be in the form of racial, ethnicity, religion, sex, age, color or racial boundaries. The main goal with EEO and affirmative action is thatRead MoreEqual Employment Opportunity ( Eeo ), Affirmative Action And Diversity Initiatives Essay996 Words   |  4 PagesEqual Employment Opportunity (EEO), Affirmative Action and Diversity initiativ es are three different concepts. However, they do have an inter-relation between them. Affirmative Action plans are initiated by the federal government. This programme ensures equal opportunities for employment and opportunities for self-development at workplace. It provides opportunities to qualified individuals who have been denied such opportunities in the past on some kind of discrimination. Primarily, it is a quotaRead MoreDifferences Between Equal Employment Opportunity Initiatives, Affirmative Action Initiatives and Diversity Initiatives in Organizations1120 Words   |  5 PagesDifferences between Equal Employment Opportunity initiatives, Affirmative Action initiatives and Diversity initiatives in organizations Tim Piper Issues in Human Resources Management – MBA 910 February 14, 2012 To best understand how affirmative action (AA), equal employment opportunity (EEO) and diversity work together, I will take a look at each of them and how they interact with each other and also explore the differences of the three initiatives . First Equal employment opportunity is the policyRead MoreAffirmative Action And Equal Opportunity709 Words   |  3 PagesI. Introduction A. Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity in Employment have been used to ensure that all minorities are given an opportunity to succeed in America. Equal Opportunity itself is a concept hinted at by the founders in the Constitution, whereas Affirmative Action is the government policy that brings about Equal Opportunity in Employment. Has Affirmative Action actually managed to right the wrongs of previous discrimination of minorities or has it only compounded the discriminationRead MoreAffirmative Action Programs Should Be Legal1320 Words   |  6 Pagesto our textbook, institutions or organizations involves with affirmative action programs in order to improve opportunities or provide compensations for individuals that belong to omitted groups in the U.S history. While affirmative action programs are prevalent in a numerous of fields, employment and education are the two most active fields that focus on the affirmative action. In many associations and other cases, the affirmative action can be considered as a series of privileged programs. TheseRead MoreAffirmative Action For African Americans1478 Words   |  6 PagesOliveira 1 Lucas Oliveira Ms. Alonso English 8 Honors 7 March 2015 Affirmative Action Have you ever wondered why all companies have employees of all races? Affirmative Action sought to give African Americans workers and minorities equal access to education and employment which was previously denied to them. It makes companies and schools give equal access to minorities. Affirmative Action is a topic that has been in government officials minds for a long time. Between 1870-1900, many African AmericansRead MoreLeveling The Playing Field?1479 Words   |  6 Pagesthe Playing Field The term Affirmative Action had very little meaning for the average American years ago. Affirmative action has been described as actions or steps an organization must take to show that it is not showing or fostering any kind of discrimination. It provides qualified people with the same access to educational and professional opportunities that would otherwise have been denied them if they were fully qualified. Through out the years the affirmative action has adapted to the times andRead MoreThe Objectives of Affirmative Action Policies Essay1039 Words   |  5 PagesAffirmative action policies actively initiate efforts for organizations and companies to provide more opportunities for historically discriminated groups in our society (Affirmative Action: Overview.). These policies usually focus on education and employment (Affirmative Action: Overview.). When it comes to college level education, affirmative action usually mentions admission protocols that give equal admittance to educa tion for groups that were discriminated against throughout history (AffirmativeRead MoreAffirmative Action Policies Should Be Implemented891 Words   |  4 PagesAffirmative Action Policies Should be Implemented Affirmative action policies should be implemented to improve to help propel the company forward. Affirmative action can be a useful tool to help create diversity in the workplace. Implementing affirmative action policies will encourage growth in the company because we will be able to effectively select and hire people, not on the basis of race but on actual qualifications that make a person suitable for a position in the company. Affirmative actionRead MoreEssay on Affirmative Action Policies912 Words   |  4 Pagesdiscussing the importance of implementing an affirmative action policy to assist in assuring that the company complies with equal employment opportunity laws. The department has decided that the best action is to contact the members of the board of directors. The Federal Government has passed several laws to prevent employment discrimination, and not complying with these laws can cause serious consequences. The purpose of equal employment opportunity laws are to assist in allowing the fair and nonbiased

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Michel Foucault s Philosophy Of Law - 1346 Words

Michel Foucault was an unconventional philosopher in relation to the ideas and reasonings of law and why they are just. He takes a different approach than many of the most prominent philosophers in the study of the philosophy of law. If someone were to compare his ideals with the ideals of some of the most prominent law philosophers an interesting total theory of the philosophy behind law could be created. The intentions of this writing are to relate and compare Michel Foucault with many of his predecessors in order to create an interpretation of the philosophy of law that is unique and interpretative. Let’s start with Natural Law or the idea that law is unchanging and in agreement with nature. Natural law is quite different from what Michel Foucault expresses in his writings. Natural law has an idea that there is right and wrong. It is often backed up and enforced by a religious power in order to give it merit. Although Hobbes idea of the social contract is slowly becoming closer to the ideas of Michel. Hobbes states that every act is self serving, and through time people realize that in order to survive more efficiently it is actually self serving to have agreements or laws that justify right from wrong. These ideas in a way are similar to his ideas of why disciplinary power works in society; Michel touches on how society uses ‘technologies’ in order to influence individuals so that they believe a certain way of living is natural. It is difficult to compare Natural law,Show MoreRelatedCritical Social Theory : Power, Critique And Praxis3794 Words   |  16 P ages______________________________________________________ In order to delineate the nature of power and domination in understanding contemporary society, this major essay will provide an advanced critical and comparative analysis of the social theory ideas of Karl Marx, Michel Foucault and Dorothy Smith. Resultant of such analysis, this essay will also postulate how conceptions of power and domination may be used to cultivate practices of emancipatory social change for the enhancement of individual freedoms by including theRead MoreThe Weight Of Social Awareness1025 Words   |  5 Pagestype of punishment. It consists in depriving an individual s freedom by taking him/her from society. Incapacitation prevents the offender from comiting crimes again while being reclused, so that they can no longer harm society. Deterrence is the hope that offenders will be discouraged from committing crimes again through being imprisoned. Rehabilitation is achieved through programs that help transform offenders into citizens that obey the law and contribute to their communities. Society wants youngRead MoreFoucault Power8957 Words   |  36 PagesThe Subject and Power Author(s): Michel Foucault Source: Critical Inquiry, Vol. 8, No. 4 (Summer, 1982), pp. 777-795 Published by: The University of Chicago Press Stable URL: . Accessed: 26/09/2011 07:49 Your use of the JSTOR archive indicates your acceptance of the Terms Conditions of Use, available at . JSTOR is a not-for-profit service that helps scholars, researchers, and students discover, use, andRead More Locating Macbeth at the Thresholds of Time, Space and Spiritualism 2629 Words   |  11 PagesIn the preface to Folie et dà ©raison, Michel Foucault unmistakably locates madness at the limen of cultural identity: European man, since the beginning of the Middle Ages has had a relation to something he calls, indiscriminately, Madness, Dementia, Insanity. †¦ [It is] a realm, no doubt, where what is in question is the limits rather than the identity of a culture. (Foucault xi) By describing madness in this way, he demonstrates his understanding of madness as a cultural phenomenon, definedRead MoreHomosexuality and University Press5666 Words   |  23 Pages sociology, anthropology and political sciences, philosophy. Sociology had a late start although some of the key figures in the field were sociologists (Mary McIntosh, Ken Plummer, Jeffrey Weeks), but their work was seen as primarily historical. Michel Foucault made a major imprint with the first volume of his Histoire de la sexualità © (1976). Other major sociologists contributed to or supported the field, for example Pierre Bourdieu (1998), Michel Maffesoli (1982), Steven Seidman (1997, 1998). NotwithstandingRead MoreConceptual And Historical Issues Of Psychology1420 Words   |  6 Pagesrelationships. Scientific process In the past, science applied induction principles in the world discovery via formulating theories and accurate observation based on observed regularities. An example is Newton’s Law. The observation on physical behavior of objects and production of laws which brought sense to observed objects. Currently the model of hypothetico-deductive has been proposed. Also there was a strong belief that behavior is influenced by individual differences and was a major contributorRead MoreA Reflection On Public Administration Essay5906 Words   |  24 PagesPosttraditional Public Administration Since the linguistic turn, sparked in the late 1960s by such theorists as Jacques Lacan and Michel Foucault, interesting normative and methodological challenges for the policy sciences have emerged. A posttraditional society is often characterized as an individualized society because individuals are increasingly required to construct their own lives. To begin, a posttraditional society refers to both modernity and its reverberation postmodernity. ModernityRead MoreEssay on A Philosophy of the Impersonal5155 Words   |  21 PagesFor a Philosophy of the Impersonal 1. Never more than today is the notion of person the unavoidable reference for all discourses, be they philosophical, political, or juridical in nature, that assert the value of human life as such. Leaving aside differences in ideology as well as specifically staked-out theoretical positions, no one doubts the relevance of the category of person or challenges it as the unexamined and incontrovertible presupposition of every possible perspective. This tacit convergenceRead MoreCan the Subaltern Speak9113 Words   |  37 Pagespolitics, the state, and the law. The original title of this paper was Power, Desire, Interest.1 Indeed, whatever power these meditations command may have been earned by a politically interested refusal to push to the limit the founding presuppositions of my desires, as far as they are within my grasp. This vulgar three-stroke formula, applied both to the most resolutely committed and to the most ironic discourse, keeps track of what Althusser so aptly named philosophies of denegation.2 I haveRead MoreChristian Ethics in a Postmodern World Essay example6531 Words   |  27 Pagesbecame very popular. It has been used in the fields of art (Christo-Bakargiev 1987), architecture (Pevsner 1967), literature (Hassan 1971), video, economics, films (James 1991), ideology (Larrain 1994: 90-118), theology (Tilley at al 1995), and philosophy (Griffin et al 1993). In trying to understand ‘postmodern’, we have to understand ‘modern’ first. According to Rose (1991: 1), there are many related yet different meanings associated with the term ‘modern’. First of all, Arnold J. Toynbee

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Discussion for Asian and Oriental Cultures -

Question: Discuss about theDiscussion for Asian and Oriental Cultures. Answer: Asians are often faced with stereotypes that are the reflections of the wrong notions that Westerners nurture about the Asian and oriental cultures. In the video it has been rightly depicted how frequently Westerners try to judge the nature and cultural build up of Asians from a biased point of view that leads to erroneous stereotyping. Being an Asian, I have faced with similar experiences that have been reflected in the video. People from other cultures tend to judge me from their own shallow knowledge about typical Asian cultures, and such shallowness leads to wrong judgment about the concerned Asian cultures including my own. I believe that in such contexts, the sociological theory of functionalism becomes much applicable. This theory suggests that some individuals tend to judge individuals from other cultures based on media presentation and depiction of those other cultures (Lumen, 2017). Quite interestingly, An example of this might be an individual whose beliefs about a particu lar group are based on images conveyed in popular media, and those are unquestionably believed because the individual has never personally met a member of that group (Lumen, 2017). In the related video, the same theory of functionalism has been portrayed in an immaculate way. Moreover, going through my previous works on racial stereotypes too, I have found that the message conveyed through the video aligns strongly to my finding that the lack of intercultural relationships and communications eventually give rise to the development of racial stereotyping. Hence, it can be assumed that if intercultural communications and interactions can be enhanced, based on the principles of globalizations, then the problem of stereotyping can be addressed to some extent. References Lumen (2017). Theories of Race and Ethnicity. Retrieved May 11, 2017, from